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A fanlisting is a giant list of fans from all around the world for a particular subject. This fanlisting is for the the Showtime tv series The Tudors. The Tudors is a cable television series based on the life of the Tudors (specifically King Henry VIII's life starting from when he was married to Katherine of Aragon). King Henry is played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Queen Katherine is played by Maria Doyle Kennedy.

The first season begins with Henry being married to Katherine, but already tiring of the marriage. Henry, though married, has an insatiable appetite for women. None keep his attention for very long until Anne Boleyn (played by Natalie Dormer) comes along. Anne's father makes it possible for the two to cross paths and she is determined to catch and keep Henry's interest for longer than other women have. Unlike all of the other women Henry is with, Anne does not immediately fall into bed with him, instead she plays hard to get which forces Henry to woe her. Within a short period of time Henry becomes consumed with thoughts of her and begins to come up with a plan to marry her. In the second season, which will air in March 2008, we will see Henry marry Anne (as history already tells us though, he will tire even of Anne so it shall be interesting to see how that will play out on the series).


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