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A fanlisting is a giant list of fans from all around the world of a particular person, place, thing, ect. In this case, the series Keijiyou na Bokura. :)

Keijiyou na Bokura

Keijiyou is a two volume manga series written by Kawai Touko and published by BexBoy comics (a branch of Biblos). It has been licensed for US release by Digital Manga Publishing and the first volume has a release date of October 2005.

KnB is the love story of Horyuu and Shounin. Like all Kawai works it is loaded with beautiful art, a wonderful story and endearing characters. This is tied as one of my favorite series by her. Imo it is her sweetest and most adorable one. It does have angsty moments but the adorable ones that make you clutch your manga while squeeing and going 'awwww' out weigh them :)

The about blurb on the back of the first volume: Horyuu is a shining, good looking surfer idol. Shouin, who is enamored with him, is a calm, restrained and mature youngster. Though Horyuu is the polar opposite to the subdued Shouin, he cannot erase from his mind the secret confession which they shared...




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