Welcome to the TFL approved fanlisting for Ada Monroe from the book and movie, Cold Mountain.

This fanlisting was originally owned by Haley, who was kind enough to allow me to adopt it in April 2005.


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Name: Ada Monroe
Age: 22 years old
Portrayed by: Nicole Kidman

A true southern belle, Ada Monroe was highly educated in arts, languages, and everything one requires to be a "lady". Moving to the small township of Cold Mountain with her father, Reverend Monroe, Ada is greatly admired by both the town women and men. Upon her moving, Ada meets the quiet and rather enigmatic man, W. P. Inman. Occasionally talking with the each other, they both develope quite strong feelings for each other in a short amount of time. Their courtship is cut short, however, when 75,000 confederate troops are called and Inman is one of them. Giving him a picture of herself and the promise she will wait for his return, Ada sees Inman off to war.

Shortly after Inman's departure, Ada's father dies suddenly of consumption, leaving her alone and ill-equipped on the Cold Mountain farm. With no laboring skills of farm-life to help her, Ada watches as the farm falls into disrepair and the Monroe fortune becomes worthless. At the worst point in Ada's lonely life, she is quite literally saved by a wandering tough-hearted women named Ruby Thewes. Ruby, in exchange for food and boarding, teaches Ada how to work her farm and gain the skills she needs for the labor-full life.

Ada and Inman write to each other on nearly a daily bases, but the frays of war send most of their letters astray.

For three years, Ada awaits the return of Inman, not knowing for sure whether he is alive or dead.

The hardships Ada and Ruby face while living on Cold Mountain farm change Ada from a spoiled, waited on, perfect city-bred young women into a hard-working, determined, responsible adult.

After three years of waiting, Inman does return to Ada, and their love is shared deeply and truly, only to be wrecked by tragedy.

Ada Monroe is a survivor in her own right, even though she had never seen the savagery of combat. How she changes in this tale is why she is greatly admired by so many, and has surely inspired those who lost hope long ago.

Biography compiled and written by Haley.



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